29 noviembre, 2009

Mogwai Live At La Route Du Rock

Mogwai Live At La Route Du Rock

Formato: AVI
Duración: 56:40
Dimensiones: 640x352
Tamaño: 609MB

SetList :

01) Sine Wave
02) Xmas Steps
03) You Dont Know Jesus
04) Helicon 1.
05) 2 rights make 1 wrong
06) My Father, My King

Links :

Parte 1
Parte 2
Parte 3
Parte 4
Parte 5
Parte 6
Parte 7

16 noviembre, 2009


The Hawk is Howling

1 I'm Jim Morrison, I'm dead

2 Batcat

3 Danphe and The Brain

4 Local Authority

5 The Sun Smells Too Loud

6 Kings Meadow

7 I Love you, I'm Going To Blow Up Your School

8 Scotland’s Shame

9 Thank You Space Expert

10 The Precipice


Audio: 256 y 320kbps

Tamaño rar: 110mb

31 octubre, 2009

Zdzisław Beksiński
(24 February 1929 – 21 February 2005) was a renowned Polish painter, photographer, and sculptor who is best known as a fantasy artist. Beksiński executed his paintings and drawings either in what he called a 'Baroque' or a 'Gothic' manner. The first style is dominated by representation, with the best-known examples coming from his 'fantastic realism' period when he painted disturbing images of a surrealistic, post-apocalyptic environment. The second style is more abstract, being dominated by form, and is typified by Beksiński's later paintings. Beksiński was murdered in 2005.

The person

Although Beksiński's art was often grim, he himself was known to be a pleasant person who took enjoyment from conversation and had a keen sense of humor. He was exceptionally modest and somewhat shy, avoiding public events such as the openings of his own exhibitions. He credited music as his main source of inspiration. He claimed not to be much influenced by literature, cinema or the work of other artists, and almost never visited museums or exhibitions. The last time he went to a museum was in October 2004 with the young painter Lukasz Banach (now Norman Leto) and with Valdemar R. Plusa, his agent from Toronto and owner of Belvedere Gallery.

Beksiński avoided concrete analyses of the content of his work, saying "I cannot conceive of a sensible statement on painting". He was especially dismissive of those who sought or offered simple answers to what his work 'meant'.

29 octubre, 2009

Pearl Jam - Rearviewmirror

Para mi gusto , uno de los mejores compilados que escuche en mi vida.


Cd1 - Up Side

01. Once
02. Alive
03. Even Flow
04. Jeremy
05. State of Love and Trust
06. Animal
07. Go
08. Dissident
09. Rearviewmirror
10. Spin the Black Circle
11. Corduroy
12. Not for You
13. I Got ID
14. Hail Hail
15. Do the Evolution
16. Save You

Cd2 - Down Side

01. Black
02. Breath
03. Daughter
04. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small To
05. Immortality
06. Betterman
07. Nothingman
08. Who Are You
09. Off He Goes
10. Given to Fly
11. Wishlist
12. Last Kiss
13. Nothing as It Seems
14. Light Years
15. I Am Mine
16. Man of the Hour
17. Yellow Ledbetter


17 octubre, 2009


1. Hunted by a freak

2. Kids will be skeletons

3. Killing all the flies

4. Stop coming to my house
5. Golden porsche

6. Ratts of the capital

7. I know who you are but what am I

8. Helicon 1

12 octubre, 2009

Godspeed You ! Black Emperor - F#A# Infinity

No miento si digo que este album esta en el Top 5 de mis discos favoritos.
Disco que se divide en movimientos.

1. The Dead Flag Blues

- The Dead Flag Blues (Intro)
- Slow Moving Trains
- The Cowboy..
- (Outro)

2. East Hastings

- Nothing’s Alrite in Our Life…’ / Dead Flag Blues (Reprise)
- The Sad Mafioso…
- Drugs in Tokyo
- Black Helicopter

3. Providence

- Divorce and Fever…
- Dead Metheny..
- Kicking Horse on Brokenhill
- String Loop Manufactured During Downpour…

- (silence)
- J.L.H. Outro

Download: lo estoy resubiendo ...

26 septiembre, 2009

Mogwai EP + 6


1. "Superheroes of BMX" – 8:05
2. "Now You're Taken" – 7:00
3. "Stereodee" – 13:39
4. "Xmas Steps" – 11:13
5. "Rollerball" – 3:47
6. "Small Children in the Background" – 6:51
7. "Stanley Kubrick" – 4:19
8. "Christmas Song" – 3:26
9. "Burn Girl Prom-Queen" – 8:33
10. "Rage:Man" – 5:05


23 julio, 2009


Control-(Joy Division)

Director: Anton Corbijn

Producida por: Tony Wilson, Deborah Curtis, Todd Eckert, Orian Williams, Ian Canning, Peter Heslop

Escrita por: Matt Greenhalgh, Deborah Curtis

Actores: Sam Riley, Samantha Morton, Alexandra Maria Lara

Música: Joy Division, New Order

Cinematógrafo: Martin Ruhe, John Watson

Fecha de lanzamiento: 17 de Noviembre de 2007

Idioma: Inglés





13 julio, 2009

Un poco de historia:

Death in June is a post-industrial music group led by English folk musician Douglas Pearce, better known as Douglas P. The band was originally formed in Britain in 1981 as a trio, but after the other members left in 1985 to work on other projects, the group became the work of Douglas P. and various collaborators. Douglas P. now lives in Australia.
Over Death in June's two decades of existence, numerous shifts in style and presentation have occurred, resulting in an overall shift from initial post-punk and Industrial Records influence to a more acoustic and folk music-oriented approach. Although sometimes considered controversial (largely due to usage of themes and imagery relating to Nazi Germany), Death in June has become very influential in certain post-industrial musical circles. Douglas P.'s influence was instrumental in sparking neofolk, which his music has subsequently become a part of.


Detractors have accused Death in June of engaging in dog-whistle politics, crypto-fascism, and harboring neo-Nazi sympathies. Pearce said, "At the start of the eighties, Tony and I were involved in radical left politics and beneath it history students. In search of a political view for the future we came across National Bolshevism which is closely connected with the Sturmabteilung hierarchy. People like Gregor Strasser and Ernst Röhm who were later known as 'second revolutionaries' attracted our attention."[11] The Sturmabteilung (Stormtroopers) were a paramilitary unit of the Nazi Party (NSDAP), and Strasser and Röhm were Nazi leaders who vyed for Adolf Hitler's power.
Protests have been staged and some performances have been cancelled due to these accusations.[12] Justification for the cancellations stem from strong aversions to the symbolism of Death in June coupled with an interpretation of select lyrics as containing deliberate Third Reich-era imagery and tropes. When questioned about his interest in the Third Reich, Pearce responded:"I've an interest in all aspects of the Third Reich. It has had such a huge influence on the world, who could fail to be intrigued by it? However, I've still read more pages of Das Kapital than Mein Kampf!"[13]
Pearce, who is openly homosexual, has collaborated with various ethnic Jews throughout his music career. The official Death in June website site featured the flag of Israel, and Death in June played a concert in Israel on June 18, 2004 for a predominantly Jewish audience.

En esta ocasion me tome el trabajo de unir los temas que fueron dejando a traves de sus casi 29 años de carrera , sin olvidar clasicos como Fields of Rape , Hail! The White Grain ,Come before Christ and murder love y otros tantos que no dejan de ser geniales.


01. Death Is the Martyr of Beauty.mp3
01. Wolf Wind.mp3
02. He's Disabled.mp3
02. Only Europa Knows.mp3
03. All Alone In Her Nirvana.mp3
03. Omen - Filled Season.mp3
03. The Mourner's Bench.mp3
04 - zimmerit.mp3
04. Because of Him.mp3
04. Doubt To Nothing.mp3
04. Fall Apart.mp3
05. Daedalus Rising.mp3
05. The Honour Of Silence.mp3
06. Little Black Angel.mp3
06. Luther's Army.mp3
07 - break the black ice.mp3
07. 13 Years of Carrion.mp3
07. Holy Water.mp3
07. Hullo Angel.mp3
07. This Golden Wedding of Sorrow.mp3
08. The Accidental Protege.mp3
08. The Giddy Edge of Light.mp3
09. Ku Ku Ku.mp3
10. Behind The Rose (Fields Of Rape).mp3
10. Leper Lord.mp3
10. This Is Not Paradise.mp3
11. Hollows of Devotion.mp3
12 - runes and men.mp3
12. But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter - .mp3
14 - hail! the white grain.mp3
18 - come before christ & murder love.mp3





12 julio, 2009

The Last Waltz was a concert by the Canadian rock group, The Band, held on American Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1976, at Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. The Last Waltz was advertised as the end of The Band's illustrious touring career,[1] and the concert saw The Band joined by more than a dozen special guests, including Paul Butterfield, Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Ronnie Hawkins, Dr. John, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Ringo Starr, Muddy Waters, Ronnie Wood and Neil Young.

The event was filmed by director Martin Scorsese and made into a documentary of the same name, released in 1978. The film features concert performances, scenes shot on a studio soundstage and interviews by Scorsese with members of The Band. A triple-LP soundtrack recording was issued in 1978. The film was released on DVD in 2002 as was a four-CD box set of the concert and related studio recordings.

The Last Waltz is hailed as one of the greatest concert films ever made



28 junio, 2009

Radiohead Ciudad de BsAs 24/03/09

Luego de 3 meses, por fin apareció un documento gráfico decente del paso de la banda por nuestro país. Gracias a Darolandia y Ricardohead ya se puede descargar desde el foro del sitio un DVD Pro-shot de 10 temas del recital en el Club Ciudad, el pasado 24 de Marzo.


El mismo cuenta con algunos temas que no fueron transmitidos por Canal13 en su momento, como ser Nude, Go Slowly y 2+2=5. Para más información, pasá por el foro del sitio.

Ahora solo estamos esperando el DVD del show completo ;)

Tracklist del DVD

1.- NUDE






7.- GO SLOWLY / 2 + 2 = 5




Parte 1 (953.67 MB): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D2GAEKY3

Parte 2 (679.32 MB): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CNA16KKT

24 junio, 2009

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas 1998


Un periodista y un misterioso abogado, ocupantes de un descapotable rojo, se encaminan a través del desierto hacia Las Vegas. El maletero del coche es una auténtica farmacia: dos bolsas de marihuana, 75 pastillas de mescalina, 5 hojas de ácidos y multitud de otras drogas.

Calidad: DVDRip

Tamaño:700 MegaByte











Subs: www.subdivx.com

18 mayo, 2009

Werner Herzog
Stroszek - 1977

Bruno Stroszek (Bruno S.) is a Berlin street singer. Released from prison and warned to stop drinking, he immediately goes to a familiar bar where he comforts Eva (Eva Mattes), a prostitute down on her luck, and lets her stay with him at the apartment his landlord kept for him. They are then harried and beaten by Eva's former pimps, who insult Bruno, pull his accordion apart and humiliate him by making him kneel on his grand piano with bells balanced on his back. Faced with the prospect of further harassment, Bruno and Eva decide to leave Germany and accompany Bruno's eccentric elderly neighbour Scheitz (Clemens Scheitz), who was planning to move to Wisconsin to live with his American nephew Clayton.


02 abril, 2009

Body Song


A movie that tells the story of an archetypal human life using images taken from All around the World and The Last 100 Years of Cinema.

The images span the microcosm - inside the body - through the individual - the first cry of a new born baby - to the macrocosm - accumulated archive footage of ritual celebration and the carnage of war.

The editing, music, and the mythic narrative arc of the material is designed to take the viewer on a roller coaster tour of the human body and life cycle. Every possible depiction of the human life from microscopic medical to portraits and newsreels, from births to deaths, are cut to a powerful music track by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead to create a powerful and highly emotional film, with peaks of ecstasy and troughs of despair.

The power of this film derives from the force of numbers; each face, each person, each body, each glimpse of anatomy, is both abstracted and dignified by being part of a huge flow, a torrent of humanity larger that any of us can conceive.

A Century of Human Drama and Struggle captured in Moving Images.










Tracklist de Yapa (OST) :
Jonny Greenwood - Bodysong OST



19 marzo, 2009

Big Fish


Esta película cuenta la historia de Edward Bloom (interpretado en diferentes momentos de su vida por Ewan McGregor y Albert Finney), un hombre querido por todos, que siempre tiene una historia a mano que supera todos los límites de la realidad. Toda su vida parece haber transcurrido en una dimensión paralela a la nuestra, algo que puede aceptar sin problemas su esposa (Jessica Lange) pero que no entra en la cabeza de su hijo –Billy Crudup–, un periodista que no aguanta la tendencia de su progenitor a inflar acontecimientos de su vida para llamar la atención, lo que lo ha llevado a enemistarse con él. Cuando la salud de Edward sufre una grave recaída, el hijo vuelve al hogar no sólo para acompañarlo en sus últimas horas, sino también para averiguar la verdad. Toda la verdad. Lo que asimismo será una excusa perfecta para que el espectador pueda saber cómo fue la vida de Bloom, que incluye momentos de todo tipo: alegres, insólitos, aterradores, tristes, melancólicos, románticos, etc. Todos ellos entremezclados, apasionantes, desbordantes de imaginación.

Calidad: DVDRip 650 mb
Idioma: Ingles
Subs: En castellano perfectamente sincronizados.



20 febrero, 2009

"Tres historias graciosas, estridentes, enmarcadas en lo que podríamos llamar surrealismo sucio, nos llevan a un barrio marginal de Edimburgo. Delirio simpático con buenas actuaciones y potente banda sonora"

DURACIÓN:105 min.

DIRECTOR:Paul McGuigan
GUIÓN:Irvine Welsh
MÚSICA:Mark Berger
FOTOGRAFÍA :Alasdair Walken

Ewen Bremner, Kevin McKidd, Maurice Roëves, Martin Clunes, Jemma Redgrave, Garry Sweeney, Stephen McCole, Michelle Gomez, Gary McCormack

Información de descarga:

Formato de video:rmvb (se requiere RealPlayer para su reproducción)
Calidad de vídeo:Excelente
Idioma:Ingles con subtitulos en español
Tamaño:353 Mb

14 enero, 2009

Idioma: Ingles

Calidad: DvdRip

Formato: Avi

"Aquella noche no sólo murió el bebe. Algo dentro de Sick-Boy se perdió y no volvió nunca. Al parecer no tenía ninguna teoría para explicar momentos cómo este. Ni yo tampoco".









Subtitulo: http://rapidshare.com/files/121330515/Trainspotting__1996__-DvdRip-_Www.X-TreMeForos.Es_By_NakedSnake.rar
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